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Monday, November 13, 2006

What is with the comments???

Just looked after not being here a few days and found an this common? Is the same comment always gonna show up on all my posts??? Does anyone ever read these??? I guess I'm new to all this, so if anyone truly has the answers, please respond to a newbie blogger :-) thanks- deb

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Democrats in power, *sigh of relief

Well, I am so excited about how the elections have turned out so far. Bush has no one to blame but himself and his giant ego. When are the conservatives and the GOP going to realize US citizens' do not like their rights being stomped on? I can't wait to see some changes made. Frankly I am so sick of crooked politicians like Robert Frist- he endangered the Port Security bill by adding a moral agenda item (banning online gambling payment processing and making US banks the policing party to make sure we don't play texas hold'em online) and put our ports and military at risk if the bill didn't pass....meanwhile, he took $50,000 lobbyist money from the gambling community, oh and the same goes for Goodlatte....what hipocrisy. I hope they do sweeping lobbyist reform as well as stop adding unrelated agenda items on bills. Enough with policing the country like big brother because something offends your puritanical sensibilities. What you think I should do with my disposeable income, who I sleep with or decide to marry, what I decide to do with my body is entirely my business, not the governments. I may not agree with or choose certain paths for myself, but I will stand up for all our collective right to choose. The government was asking for trouble when they decided they could put their conservative values on everyone else. It was also stupid of them to sit back and think the public would sit idly by while troops are being slaughtered overseas so the GOP heads make mucho profit from Penzoil and Haliburton interests. I hope we have a call for impeachment as Bush's presidency has been a travesty, and current GOP house/senate leaders better get with popular public right quick...if they think 2006 was a bloodbath, God help them in 2008 if they don't start listening now. Bush thinks his troubles are over with the 'resignation' of Rumsfeld...I think he would throw everyone under the bus, including the VP, if he thought it would get him anywhere.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Finally, a good day...

My baby neice Neveah (15 months old) is here this weekend, and what fun she is...a handful, but fun. We played with toys, she fed her cereal to the dogs, dumped their water dish on the rug LOL!! She's keeping me on my toes today, but a short nap is allowing me to check in. We are going to my sister's house for her birthday party today, so the baby will be rested and have fun. She loves parties and excitement, she is always so cute at family functions. Be hapy and safe out there to anyone reading....remember it's thw simple pleasures that makes life worthwhile :-)

Thursday, November 02, 2006

11/2/06 Yesterday was a bad day, but something hapened today to keep me in perspective.

I was enjoying being lazy on my day off, watching trash TV, doing laundry, raiding leftover Halloween candy...when I heard a terrible screetch and crash. Two cars collided right outside my house. I saw a woman crawling out of one of the cars that haapened to be flipped upside down in the driveway, she was screaming because another was trapped in the car. I called 911, but they wanted me to go see how many were hurt. There were three people in the two cars that were hurt, two trapped. Long story short, many people arrived, they were able to cut into the car and remove the people inside. Ambulances took them away, and within 10 minutes both ruined cars and their peices were picked out of the driveway and lawn. I felt guilty and selfish for my feelings yesterday. No matter how bad it seems, there is always someone worse off than you. I hope the people end up alright.

Deb's rant page

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

You know what??? Some days it never pays to get out of bed...

Ok, on to my rant. It will be whiney, long winded, and self indulgent. Why am I pestering you here? Because No one else is here except a silly dog, and a cat I swear is deaf anyways.

A little background??? OK...My name is Deb, I am 39, single, living in NY. I work with people with disabilities or infimaties through a visiting nurse agancy. I have recently returned to work after being out for nearly a year due to 2 small strokes in 7 months. I had to go through extensive physical, occupational, and cognitive remediation therapies to regain most of my strength and memory. It could be worse, the strokes could have killed me. It could be better, they left me an emotional mess and weak. I worked terminal cases, and hospice cases for people suffering brain cancer. Now the thought od death makes me quiver and cry like a baby, reducing me to a helpless mass.

Since returning to work, I have taken on one patient. She was awesome, with trhe smile of an angel. She died in my arms was not supposed to happen, but it just did, now I am feeling lonely, upset, pissed, and hurt, and sad.

I came home, found a summons taped to my door, I am being sued by yet another credit card company because I havent been able to pay the bills. I was out of work with absolutely no income for almost a year (I have returned about 15 hrs weekly) and I am still waiting to hear from disability, could be six more months.

Once inside, saw my answering machine Dad 'just calling to tell you your brother has been arrested for stealing my car again, burglarizing the house, and failing his drug test at his parole officer meeting' The kid is 18 and has no idea what he's doing to himself.

I go to my computer, my haven and escape, and wouldn't ya know it, my favorite website is down. I don't gamble online, but I love their website, peeps there are great and they have fun games to play with cute little onion I couldnt even play my onion races or keno for distraction.

Oh well, maybe tomorrow will bw better. Hope this finds you well, or at least know that we all have bad days sometimes. - Deb